1. D2.1 Dissemination and communication plan (M2)
  2. D4.1 Information system and documentation standards (M3)
  3. D2.2 Website and project identity (M4)
  4. D8.1 Questionnaires and questions for semi-structured interviews (M5)
  5. D1.2.1 Data management plan (M6)
  6. D4.2 Report on the inventory of data and sources (M9)
  7. Report for the General Assembly (15-16 March, 2019)
  8. D4.3: Report on the semantics of data and sources
  9. D1.4: First yearly documentation and minutes of project meetings
  10. D1.7: Second Data Management Plan
  11. D4.4: Report on data and sources documentation and quality assessment
    11.1  EURHISFIRM data and sources 
  12. D4.5: Report on EURHISFIRM documentation standard
  13. M4.2: Scientific paper on data and sources
  14. D5.1: Technical document on national data models
  15. M1.2: Position paper (midterm)
  16. D1.5: Project midterm report
  17. M4.1: Report on the Protocol of Data Documentation
  18. M8.1: Concept for users’ preferences and recommendations
  19. D8.4: Synthesis report
  20. D6.1: Report on data matching issues and methodologies
  21. D5.2: Technical Document on Preliminary Common Data Model
  22. D1.12: Second yearly documentation and minutes of project meetings
  23. D3.1: Report on Intellectual Property Rights Design
  24. D1.8: Third Data Management Plan
  25. M6.1: Data Matching Case Study
  26. D6.2: Report on data connecting issues and methodologies
  27. M7.1: First version of the data extraction system
  28. D10.1: Preliminary report on business model and goernance assessment